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MangoJulia Morton, Fruits of warm climates
Tropical FruitsMary Lamberts and Jonathan H. Crane
Magness J. R. et al. 1971. Food and feed crops of the United States.

And outside links to more Mango info:
MANGO "FRUIT FACTS" (Fruit Facts are a series of publications of the the California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. that contain information on individual fruits, including botanical identification, description and culture notes based on California research, and characteristics of cultivars) .
Mango propagation from Cornell University.
Mango Info from the FAO Tropical Feeds Database.
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Agroforestry Uses of Mango from Cornell University.
Mango Production Regions and other information.
Mango photographs by Ian Maguire of the The University of Florida's Tropical Research Education Center (TREC) in Homestead
Mangofrom Mark Reiger, Dept of Horticulture, University of Georgia.
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