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The Ya pear is also known as the Chinese White Pear and is native to northern China where it is widely grown. These are juicy white pears, which taste like a cross between a rose and a pineapple. They are crisp and sweet and delicious. Pear trees can grow to 60 feet and may be as old as 300 years. Pear wood, being a hard wood, can be used to make furniture. Among the many Asian pears, Ya pears are cousins to the pears that are typically seen in grocery stores, but this fruit is similar to an apple and its many names reflect that characteristic. Other names that this fruit goes by are: Chinese pear, Japanese pear, Sand, Nashi, and apple pear. Asian pears differ from the traditional European ones in that these pears are usually round, firm to touch when ripe, and are ready to eat after harvest. Asian pears reach prime quality when they ripen on the tree, like an apple and peach. These pears will be crisp, juicy, and slightly sweet with some tartness, especially near the core.