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FUCOIDAN , LIGHT YELLOW POWDER, (MSN RALEE_2001) , extracted from KELP. can be used as chemical material for anti-cancer, and oxidation resisting .
The fucoidan is used by the cultured Laminaria japonicia Aresch in Mainland China. The product mainly consists of sulfuric ester- Fucose, and also have little quantities of galactose, Mannose, xylose, arabinose, saccharic-aldehyded acid. So its also called algin or fucoidan & laminaran, the major ingredients is (Alpha) -L-fucoidan-4-sulfuric ester,

Fucoidan is an excellent raw material of health-foods. studies showed that it have many physiologically actives, such as inhibiting blood clotting, lowering the blood fats, repelling chronic renal -failure, anti-tumor, anti- virus, regenerating tissue, Suppression gastric ulcer, enhancing bodies immunity , etc.

Fucoidan is an immunomodulator which have immediate effects on Macrophage and T-cell, with obvious pharmacological activities of inhibiting blood clotting and plasmin. Fucose or its degradative offspring can induce cancer-cells-apoptosis, so it can be used on revulsant and anticancer-drug. The generation of Cytokines-growth can help all kinds of cells to grow , repair the damaged tissue and an organ or tissue functions failure.
Because the relative molecular weight of polysaccharides is big, the anticoagulant effect is inferior to heparin, indicated for the patient who has hyper-blood-viscosity , it can be made to drugs and health products in counteracting or preventing the thrombosis . It also has an efficacious against lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, can overcome side effects of normal medicine.

Can be used in treatment of chronic renal failure, especially in an early phase, improving the functions of renaland enhancing creatinine clearance.

It also can be used as cements and reduction additives of metallic ion . for example, It can abate the absorption of Pb by 70%.