Sell full-auto 3-roller uv glazing machine(UVA-95A,120A)

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*Conveying belt adopts inported baseband, which are corrected location wheel.
*Wind-scoop type wind absorting device, which can make paper closely stick to the conveying belt , therefore, ensure the conveyance to be more level and stable.
*Glue roller can automatically heat up to increase temperature and keep the constant temperature automatically to avoid the coagulation of glue.
*Inching control of digital hand wheel can ensure a more accurate material supply and will not waste glazing off.
*UV conveying part adopts imported conveyed be it and is automatically corrected deviation by photoeciectric scanner.
*Electic moter adopts speed adjustment by frequency conversion, which can elliciently save energy , portect environment and realizehigh-efficient automation of production.
*When unexpected power break occurs or conveying belt stops travel, UV drying channel will automatically ascend itself, therefore, avoid burning of printing work in the channel.