Sell full-auto pasting machine(BZA-1300/1450/1600)

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*Size changeover needs only 6-10min, so more suitable for short and single product;
*Adjustment of joint error is available when running at high speed without stop-press;
*Double upper surface paper structure; stacking paper up to 1.8m ; pre-folded feeding mode to save time more;
*Bottom paper indraught device operates in the way from center to the outside to adapt to different sizes , so paper is fed smoothly more.
*Feeding adopts electromagnetic branking system, when abnormal stop, no inertial rotation exiets to avoid paper waste;
*Surface and bottom paper adopt synchronous photoelectric control technology to avoid unreachable bottom or surface paper;
*All electrically-controlled belts and motors adopt elements andcomponents made in Japan, USA and Taiwan.