Sell full automatic note binder of table

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type: BYK-T
technical parameter:
electric pressure:AC200V/50HZ
capacity: 600W
outline dimension: 1300*460*650mm
weight of complete machine:135kg
binding speed:25-35s

Maxiamal pressing force:1.5T
temperature of work environment:10-35
humidity of work environment:30-85%
nominal amount range: 1 yuan--100 yuan
binding band specification:14*0.5mm

product description: this product is provided with following features:
entire automatically binding action:
the whole note binding process could be completed only to press the button of :start/pose"
wide applicability:
this machine is applicable in binding all notes with nominal amount of 1 yuan to 100 yuan
simple, fast process:
this machine can finish binding the note in 25 to 35 seconds swiftly
functin of disply fault automatically:
the machine has omnibus safety protection function, nomally it won't cause hurts to human body
mature iron and joint techniques:
this machine adopts particular iron and joint techniques, and use specially cnfected plastic bend
without smoke and smell:
no smoke and smell will be produced in the process of iron and joint. it is a kind of green product without pollute are condition
particular automatic following and inspecting function:
it adopts the modern advanced science and technique of photo-electricity and micromcomputer cotrol to follow and inspect the work condition of each important part. the inspecting system will power off the machine and alarm as soon as problems and faults are detected by the system.