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1. Main products technique indices
Fulvic acid:FA>=80%, PH<2.5, Water insoluble substances<3%;
Ulmic acid :UA+FA>=70%, PH<3, Water insoluble substances<8%.
2. Function & Applied Scope
In agriculture: Applied it can reduce transpiration as well as fight a drought, improve the activity of enzyme,
Increase chlorophyll, promote metabolism, promote root and growth, prevent diseases and resist biological intimidation, improve quality, increase yield and enhance utilization quotiety of chemical fertilizer and pesticide
In medicine: Fulvic acid is activation agent of varies of cruor gene. It can be oral hemostasis when the stomach, colon,
nephridium and womb bleeds. It can also improve cycle obstacle of the heart, brain and stomach, reduce the viscidity degree of blood plasma and bloodcirculation, has unique operation of activating blood circulation and dispersing blood clots. It can be used for clinical treatment of gastric ulcer, colonitis, mastitis, sugar diabetes, sucker liver and cancer acesodyne etc.
In Health Care and Cosmetics: It can be used for health care beverage, functional foodstuff and cosmetics etc. It is able
to boost up assimilation enginery, recover wound healing up, promote cell to renew, advance immune function, prevent and cure many intestinal diseases and skin diseases and has a little effect on preventing wrinkle, making skin tender and hairdressing.
In Farming and veterinary: The product is used for additive of farming feed, can prevent and cure many intestinal
diseases, strengthen immune function and increase yield livestock and birds; it is used for veterinary, can prevent and
cure enteritis, diarrhea, breathe heabily, astriction, flu, tympanites and eczema etc.
In aquiculture: The product is used for additive of aquatic feed. It has obvious effect on prevention and cure many kinds
of fish diseases, increasing fishes and shrimps survivor ratio, promoting fishes and shrimps growth, purifying and
improving water quality etc.