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We are producing and exporting measurement instruments as: function generator.
7Work Freq. : 0.1~150MHz, Freq.
7Display Error: 10.1%11 digit,
7Out Amplitude: 0.316V valid Value (Fine Adjust 60dB) attenuation 0-70dB (fine adjust attenuation 10dB)
7Output Error: 12dB (add 10.5dB as frequency is beyond 30MHz)
7Output Display Error: 15%Control Mode: MCU control Storage Number
7AM Range: 0~60% continuous
7Int AM Freq. : 400Hz 1KHz
7Freq. Shift Range: (Load Wave Freq>=0.3MHz) : 0~100 KHz continuous
7Int FM Freq. : 400Hz 1KHz
7Audio Freq. : 400Hz 1KHz
7Audio Output Amplitude: Max. 1V Valid attenuation 0--40dB (fine adjust attenuation 10dB)