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Ningnan Mycin

Introduction: Ningnan Mycin is a new-pattern broad-spectrum fungicide of great efficiency. With high efficacy, low toxicity, and low residue, it is the best choice for growers and dealers in pollution-free agricultural production. It is a wonder pesticide against fungus diseases, bacterium disease, and virus diseases with various crops. In addition, it has a remarkable effect in promoting growth, improving quality and size of yields as well.

Characteristics: Brown liquid. Easily dissolvable in water. Stable solution can be prepared at any concentration with this product.

Applied to: Damping-off of cucumber, Mosaic Virus of cucumber, Fusarium wilt of wax gourd, Virus disease of wax gourd, Stem rot of tomato, Virus diseases of tomato, Virus diseases of capsicum and pimiento, Powdery mildew of kidney bean (legume) , Soft rot of cabbage, Downy mildew of lettuce, Virus diseases of potato, Scab of pear and apple, Ring rot of pear and apple, Powdery mildew of grape, Rust of grape, Downy mildew of grape, Citrus canker, Mosaic disease of banana, Scab of banana, Virus diseases of longan and litchi, Ring spot mosaic of papaya, Damping-off of Rice, Bacterial leaf blight of rice, Rice stripe virus disease, Powdery mildew of wheat, Sclerotinia blight of rape, Verticillium wilt of cotton, Black root rot of cotton, Tobacco mosaic virus disease, Wildfire of tobacco, Blister blight of tea.