Sell fur all types

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I. Tan fur:
Blue fox skin, Shadow fox skin, Silver fox skin , Kitt fox skin, Mink skin, Leopard cat skin, Muskrat skin, Squirrel skin, Plucked pahmi skin, Rex rabbit skin, Kid skin, Tibet lamb skin, Kalgan skin, Pearl lamb skin, Cat skin, Chinese raccoon skin, Chinchilla rabbit skin, Hare Rabbit skin, White rabbit skin, Fawn rex rabbit skin, etc. .
II. Fur Plate:
Skin of blue fox, Shadow fox, Silver fox, Mink, Leopard cat, Muskrat, Squirrel, Plucked
pahmi, Mink, Kid, Tibet lamb, Kalgan, Pearl lamb, Cat, Chinese raccoon, Chinchlia rabbit, Hare rabbit skin, White rabbit, Fawn Rex Rabbit, ect. . .
III. Different skin plate design:S type, U type, W type, V type, Diamonds type, etc. . .
IV. Fur Clothes.
V. Woven clothes
VI. fur accessories:various kinds of strip commondities; Dyed fox ball design; Seal butterfly;
Rex rabbit ball design; Dyed blue fox ball design;
Mink ball design.

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