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We are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter in China. With two plants located in Shandong and Mongolia, we could provide more than 6000 tons of furfural per year, as well as 20000 tons of furfural alcohol and furan resin. Our goods also enjoy good reputation for good quality and reasonable prices.
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Specification(furfural) :
Appearance: light yellow to amber
Purity(%) : >=98.5
Moisture(%) : <=0.2
Acid(mol/l) : <=0.016
Dencity(g/ml) : 1.159-1.161

Packing: in 240kg or 250kg iron drum or upon customers demand.

Furfural is also called furaldehyde, its molecular formule C5H4O2and its molecular weight 98.08[according to International Relative Atomic Weight(1987) ].
Furfural is a light yellow to amber transparent oily liquid with an irritative smell bitter almond, becomes brown and resinified under action of air and light and can dissolve in many organic solvents, such as ethyl alcohol, alcohol, acetone, diethyl ether, benzene, and carbon terachloride.
lndustrial furfural has many usages: Mainly used as selective solvent or raw material to manufacture other chemical products, such as furfural alcohlol,2-methyfuran, oxolane, furan resin and widely used in foodstuff, medicine and dye industries.
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