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PRW11-12/3~100 TYPE FUSE
1. General
PRW11-12/3~100 Type fuse is used to protect the power distribution network and apparatuses (power transformer, etc) in the network from short circuit in a power system with rated voltage 10 KV, rated current less than 100A and frequency 50HZ.
2. Features
This kind of fuse can be divided into 2 parts: fuse base, load arc-extinguishing device. The active and static contactor is in a shape of bridge.
While the fuse is in closing position, active and static contactors will be pressed tightly by a compressed spring to guarantee the enough pressure between contractors. The rotary torsion spring equipped in the lower end of the arc-extinguished tube will be screwed tightly, once the fuse-element is put in the tube. Then the fuse will be in a state of drawing tightly to ensure the arc-extinguishing tube self-locked in a closing position. When overload and short-circuit occurs, the fuse-element will be melted and the fuse will be drawn out from the fuse tube by the torsion spring. Meanwhile, a great deal of arc-extinguishing gas is produced in the fuse tube by electrical arc heat energy to extinguish arc quickly, in order to save the time of arcing and reduce the losses in arc-extinguishing material. After the extinguishments, the fuse tube will be dropped out by its own weight and the function of compressed spring with bridge contractors, and an obvious disconnected section will appear. The arc-extinguishing tube is designed in order to meet the requirements of breaking different current in the same fuse. That is, while breaking the small current, the gas produced will be released from the lower vent, while breaking the large current, the gas produced will be released from the upper cap, so that the gas will be released from the top and bottom at the same time.