Sell fused cast AZS brick

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33% ZrO2 : The reference category of fused-cast industry. Main applications include glass contact (paving tiles, working-end walls) and superstructures.
36% ZrO2 : With its improved corrosion resistance and combined with the "reinforced filling" process, the optimum choice for melter sidewalls application and designed for heavy wear superstructure applications, it has a very low exudation rate and high resistance to alkaline attacks, carry-over and creep. This makes it the best choice for superstructures whenever high glass quality is required.
41% ZrO2 : with the highest corrosion resistance within the AZS family, this type of material is used for all demanding glass contact applications in the void free configuration : electrode blocks, submerged walls, throats, and in some cases melter sidewalls. Available as well, for sidewall application, in the specific "reinforced filling" version