Sell fused cast AZS refractory blocks for glass furnaces

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Fused cast refractory are made with highly refractory raw materials fused in EAF at temperatures over 2,0000C and then cast into special molds, still at temperatures close to 2,0000C (AZS) or even higher (Alumina, Chrome, Zirconia, Spinels) . In general terms, molding for AZS is about one-way molds made of high-purity silica sand, while most of the other compositions are poured in graphite panels since that is the only commercially viable material capable to sustain the mechanical solicitation at the processing temperature and conditions.
Since high purity silica sand (quartz) has a fusion temperature equal or lower than the AZS liquid when poured, it is consequential that only the thermal capacity of the silica panel is determining the rapid cooling of the first liquid, necessary to protect the panel integrity for the time necessary (seconds or few minutes) to develop an initial solidified skin able to protect the mold from fusion and eventually replace his structural function sustaining the liquid hydrostatic pressure against the block's walls.