Sell fused silica powder

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Fused silica powder is manufactured from fused quartz, it is high purity amorphous powder. For its lower linear expansion coefficient, lower tension and lower radiation etc good characters, it is mainly used as material for epoxy molding compound of large circuit integration and super large circuit integration, epoxy potting compound, silicon rubber and other chemical industrys fields.
RG300 RG400 RG600 RG-1000
SiO2>99.9 Al2O3<500ppm Fe<50ppm
Crystalline silica powder is producing from white natural silica stone, it is refined through manmade selecting, ex-ion water dispose, grinding, filtrating drying and sieving etc. For its high content, pure white color, stable physical and chemical properties and reasonable con-trollable partical size distribution it is widely used as material for epoxy potting compound, epoxy mould compound of electronic and electrical industries and engineering plastics, sili-con rubber, precision ceramic and casting, paint and ink etc industries.
We also can supply active silica powder of every specification, sediment time not lower than 45 minutes.