Sell fusion splicers FSM-50S/40S/30S

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Fujikura FSM-50S
Fully automatic core alignment with 9 second splice time for SM fibre!Reduced splice protector shrink time  now only 35seconds!Extremely compact and lightweight  just 2.8kg!Automatic fibre type identification
Fibre types :
Singlemode (ITU-T G.652) , multimode (ITU-T G.651) ,
dispersion shifted (ITU-T G.653) , non-zero dispersion
shifted (ITU-T G.655) .

Average Splice Loss :
0.02dB with G.652, 0.01dB with G.651 and 0.04dB
with G.653 and G.655

Return Loss :
60dB or greater

Fibre Coating :
100um to 1000um

Fibre Cladding :
80um to 150um

Fibre Cleave Length :
8 to 16mm with coating diameter of 250um or less.
16mm with coating diameter of 250um to 1000um

Splice Protector Heater :
For all standard and micro splice protectors with
protection sleeve centering device

Atmospheric Compensation :
Automatic up to 3500 metres altitude with temperature
and humidity compensation

Proof Test :
1.96N (200gf) standard or 4.41N (450gf) option,
mechanical proof test

Fibre Viewing Method :
Dual CCD cameras and 5.6 inch TFT colour LCD monitor

Magnification :
295x for single X and Y views. 147x for X/Y view

Splice Data Storage :
2000 splice data records

Interface :
USB 1.1 for PC interface. RCA video jack

Power Supply :
AC : 100 to 240V via AC adaptor ADC-11

DC Input:
10 to 15V via ADC-11

Detachable Battery Option :
BTR-06S, 4.5Ah, (equivalent splice/shrinks : 60) BTR-06L, 9.0Ah, (equivalent splice/shrinks : 120)

Dimensions (WxDxH) :
150mm x 150mm x 150mm

Weight :
2.8kg including AC adaptor

Operating Temperature :
-10 0 to +50 0

Storage Temperature :
-40 0 to +80 0

Operation Languages:
15 type of languages
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