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Parameter :input power voltage(AC)110-120/220-240V, frequency: 50Hz, current:0.45A, drive power:150W DC 24V, max pulling force:600/800/1000 N/m, open-close speed:140mm/s, standby power consumption:less than 3W, working temperature range: -200~+500. remote control frequency:433Mhz(rolling code) , noise:lower than 60 DB, operation life:above 40000times, illumination power:25w(auto turn on when receive transmitter's signal or manual open/close signal, auto shut off after 3 minutes) , remote control distance above 30meters(max 100meters) .
Feature:chain transmission, soft start and slow stop, transmitter one key control for open-close-stop,9 sect auto-close door timer, adjustable 8 grade open/close door force, micro-regulating, door auto rebound back when hit obstacle, lower close force, stronger rebound back sense ability; manual clutch for separate the motor from the door when power off, realize manual open the door, except above intelligent function, BDJ model have LCD display menu, show all the programming step by English language, inbuild 12V battery, trouble auto-shooting function, alarm, LED lamp, voice guide.
Optionable standby socket:infrared sensor photocell(door auto rebound and open when anything pass through
it) , wall switch, password keyboard entry system,
Power Requirements