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 Standard model S panel style ( dimenssion: 500mm x 350mm ) which is suitable for various width garage door; model L panel style ( dimenssion : 700mm x 350mm) which is especially suitable for the double parking space garage door( the door width is wider than 4500mm) ; woodgrain embossed door surface with authentic golden oak effect, and perennial S-stripe and L-stripe style.

 Double-skin color coating armor panel ( same color coating armor plate for both face and the back of the door panel )
 Polyurethane foam core : the middle of the door panel is filled with high quality polyurethane foam and the foam density up to 40kg / m3 . Therefore the door panel is provided with good intensity, heat preservation and sound insulation capability.
 Steeliness end caps on each section.
 Reinforcing mat: the steel reinforcing mats are embedded in the place for fixing hinge and trolley bearing wheel bracket to ensure the enough intensity of the door and more fastness of the connection.
 Standard thickness of door panel: 40mm and 63mm
 With the thickness of 40mm, the widest dimension of the door panel is 6500mm
 The height of the single door panel is between 430---550mm, which can be chosen to fit together according to the height of the door.
 The heat consumption factor of the panel whose thickness is 40mm is: K=1.0 W / m2 K , and of the installed door is: K=1.6 W / m2 K
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