Sell garage door

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1. Material--colorful steel plate
The door panel layers are made of metal plates which are galvanized steel
plates painted with pure polyester powder and with strong anti-corrosion.
The thickness of steel plate is normally 0.326mm

2. The panel is filled with polyurethane foam with a high density of over 1.8 kg/M2

3. The surface has been processed with wood grain and anaglyph by grain
machines which make the door panels with tridimensional structure.

4. The color is usually white which can be in harmony with the surroundings
and maintain the internal light of garage doors beam bright and soft.

5. A strengthened steel bar with a thickness of 1.2mm is placed at the position
where there will be installed with a hinge and which will help increase the
intensity of door body.

6. The garage door open by himself