Sell garnet abrasive

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Garnet Description:
Garnet is a kind of Hard Rock garnet , Belongs to Almandine type of garnet, The garnet of the Modulus hardness is 7.0-7.96 and purity of garnet is 97%min. The available grain size range is from 4 Mesh to 1200Mesh. It is a group of iron aluminum silicate homogeneous minerals having similar properties. non-hygroscopic, sharp angular shape, inert, slightly magnetic, not soluble in water, translucent, friable to tough, and contains no free chemicals. All oxides and dioxides are combined chemically as follows: Fe2O3Al2(SiO4)3. The iron and aluminum are partially replaceable by calcium, magnesium and manganese. There are three types- aluminum garnet, iron garnet & chromium garnet.

Garnet Applications:
It is suitable for Sandblasting, Textile blasting (Jeans so on) , Water filtration. Concrete floor finishing product , Glass & Tube blasting , Anti -slip coating, Water jet cutting, Abrasive applications, Tumbling media, Non-skid surfaces, and Semi-precious stone etc.