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call your pre-set 6 Tel No. at first time when a gas leakage happen .

1) Independent mode: it works as wireless auto gas leakage alarm detector.
2) Compatible mode: it works with our burglar alarm system.
3) widely used for kitchen to make safety.
4) self-detector and automatically give an alarm warning to users. When it works with our burglar alarm, with LED indicated, it sends a wireless signal to alarm host if detecting density with time reaches the limit figure required as below and then it alar
5) It is strictly compliance with quality system, It can be effective to prevent fire by flammable gas, such as coal gas, liquid petroleum gas and natural gas. And monitor automatically

1. Operating Voltage: DC12V Input voltage: 220V
2. The LED turns green after power. It begins working three minutes later.
3. It will refresh into normal state once the density reduce normal.
4. The house is fireproof material, easy
5. The temperature: -10oC-50oC
6. Weight: 100g
7. Size: 115mm(L) W70mm(W) W40mm(H)
8. Alarm density: Coal gas: 2000ppm+/- 30%, Liquid petroleum gas: 5000ppm+/-30%, natural gas: 2000ppm+/-30%
9. Responsible time: less than 2 seconds
10. The temperature: -10oC-50oC
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