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Product brief explanation: the engine gas grill, the product A3 iron furnace is about 1.0MM-1.5MM thickness between the drawing process, length 114CM, width 64CM, height of about 112CM, surface matt black high temperature paint spraying . Net for A3 iron grill material, thickness of about 1.0CM-1.2CM, long 54CM, width 49CM, surface matt black high temperature paint spraying.

The company has strong product awareness and help to understand exactly according to customer requirements and provide products to confirm the basis of drawings, according to design / develop products, customers only need to provide products or sketch the basic idea. Assembly structure parts design and use of test results, complete packaging design, container loading quantity calculation icon and tabulation by us to provide, confirmed the implementation of hand-made samples and refined production mold and be perfect! Following the sequence of follow-up arrangements for bulk orders [time] production cycle of operation. Welcome to discuss!
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