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Instant Heat For Instant Comfort. At last, a fully portable gas heater that can be used safely both indoors and out. Just snap in a gas cartridge and go for instant heat any time, anywhere. Knock it over and it goes out. Blow out the flame and the gas shuts off automatically. Too much carbon monoxide in the room and it switches itself off. Its the safest portable gas heater ever.

What about taking the chill out of early mornings fishing on the riverbank? How about some instant heat for your awning while camping or caravanning? All this is possible with the Freedom Gas Heater. Non electric and cablefree, it provides instant warmth during power cuts, takes the chill out of workshops, garages and sheds and makes a great choice for conservatories and spare rooms. Unique safety features make the Freedom Gas Heater one of a kind. The Freedom Gas Heater has a host of unrivalled features guaranteed to offer you peace of mind.

A state of the art oxygen depletion system (ODS) monitors carbon monoxide levels, while a thermal coupling will detect if the flame has been accidentally extinguished and shuts off the gas supply within 6 seconds. Equipped with an anti-tilt mercury switch, the gas supply will be cut off and the flame immediately extinguished should the heater fall in any direction beyond 45 degrees of horizontal.