Sell gas or electric  Storm Convection Oven, bakery equipment

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as or electricStorm Convection Oven,
We have 5 tray, 8tray, 10tray convection oven. My oven have electric and gas 2 types. My tray standard size is 400x600MM, but my convection oven can make size for your tray size. For example 455x655MM tray size.
Product Feature:
Stainless steel baking chamber, IC micro-computer control system, electric and gas type for option.
1. Iron body, Stainless steel baking chamber, durable and nice in looking.
2. Heating parts: Electric type: imported resistance wire. Gas type : stainless steel burning pipe, good baking quality, energy saving.
3. IC micro-computer control system, easy-operating, low failure-rate.
4. Hard and wild transparent glass on the door, make baking process visual.
5. Delicate structure, can be match with a fermenting box, room- saving.