Sell gasifier , gas furnace

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Main models are:dia1.0m, dia 1.5m, dia2.0m, dia2.4m, dia2.6m, dia3.0m, dia3.2m, etc.
(1) Hot gasifier: Ashtray adopts turbo transmission, hence stable operation can be realized; A water jacket furnace body can produce steam to fully meet the need for self coal gasification of gas furnace and for steam seal of fire hole; Dual bell coal feeder or electric roller auto coal feeder has characters of simple structure, even coal distribution, eccentric grate, good slag removal, even blasting, stable gasification, small investment, small occupying area, convenient operation and no dust, etc.
(2) COal gasifier: on the basis of hot gaifier, many purifiers such as dual standpipes, electric tar catcher, cleaning tower, drop collector, etc. shall be added to produce high quality and clean gas.