Sell gasket for pipe flange fitting

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Gasket For flange pipe fitting:
We classify our gasket according to both material and composition:
Semi Metal Gasket----Spiral Wound Gasket(hot!) , Metal Jacketed Gasekt, Kammprofile Gasket, Heat exchanger gasket
Metal Gasket----Metal serrated gasket, Metal corrugrated gasket, Metal ring joint gasket(RTJ) , oval gasket, octagonal gasket, Metal flat gasket
Graphite Gasket----Flexible graphite gasket, Graphite composite gasket with reinforce, Graphite filling ring, Die-formed graphite ring,
PTFE Gasket-----Pure PTFE Gasket, PTFE Envelope Gasket
Compressed Non-asbestos Gasket---Klinger non-asbestos gasket, Tesnit non-asbestos gasket, Belpa non-asbestos gasket, Common non-asbestos gasket(made in china) , Abnormal non asbestos gasket
Rubber Gasket----O ring, Rubber gasket
ASME, ASNI, JIS, JPI, ISO standard gasket
Note: We can produce some gasket according to the drawing based on our sets of equipments, please check with our tech departments if you need.
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