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Available gearboxes and motors:
1) Worm gearboxes
2) Cyclical gearboxes
3) Helical gearboxes
4) Bevel gearboxes
5) Variators
6) Motors
7) Planetary gearboxes
8) Screw jacks
9) Screw actuators
10) Speed reducers

1) Worm gear reducer with iron or aluminum case, in metric or imperial
sizes for both European and American markets (Motovario & Bonfilio copy)
2) Helical gearbox: in-line helical gearbox (SEW, Hansen and Fenner copies)
3) Shaft mounted helical geared motors
4) Shaft mounted helical worm geared motors
5) Shaft mounted helical geared units
6) We accept orders for customized gearboxes made accortdin to
drawings and/or samples