Sell geotextile tarpaulin making plant machine equipment

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geotextile tarpaulin machine equipment,
Heavy (Middle or Big) Duty Circular Loom
This machine is used to weave endless tubular or flat heavy or light fabric of PP or HDPE for jumbo bags, container bags, geotextiles, tarpaulins, etc.

Main Technical Parameter
Model S-YZJ-4/1400 S-YZJ-6/1800 S-YZJ-8/2200
Number of shuttle 4 6 8
Weaving folding width 800-1400mm 1400-1800mm 1400-2200mm
Max. number of warp 1120 1440 2400
Revolution of main motor 80-110r/min 80-110r/min 30-70r/min
Production capability (10W10) 0.8-1.1m/min 0.8-1.3m/min 1.2-1.7m/min
Total power 6.0kw 8.0kw 12.5kw
Noise <85db <85db <85db
Weight (About) 4000kg 4000kg 6500kg
Overall dimension (LWWWH) 10000W2700W2860mm 11000W2700W2900mm 13150W3500W3300mm

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.