Sell geothermal heat pump

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heating and producing domestic hot water
varied heat curve

Main parts:

Siemens controller
Hitachi scroll compressor
plate heat exchanger
galvanized sheet cabinet

with all protection like HP, LP, water flow switch, anti-freezing, etc

Heat pump Type GSWW20 GSWW26 GSWW30
Dimensions, weights, connection dimensions
Dimensions HxWxD 960x800X600
Weight kg 180 195 210
Refrigerant Type R407C
Filling weight kg 4 4.5 5
Permissible operating pressure Mpa 3 3 3
Pipe connector-hot side Inch G11/2 G11/2 G11/2
Pipe connector-cold side Inch G11/2 G11/2 G11/2
Evaporator Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Condenser Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Compressor 2xScroll 2xScroll 2xScroll
Performance Heat pump
Heat output at B0/W35(1) kW 20 26 30.5
Power consumption kW 4.45 5.8 6.85
Performance factor 4.49 4.48 4.45
Heat output at W10/W35(2) kW 25.8 33.3 39
Power consumption kW 4.7 6.1 7.1
Performance factor 5.49 5.46 5.49
Process medium Brine/water values in [ ]
Process medium Brine made from water with 33Vol. % ethylene glycol
Volume flow hot side m3/h 4.44[3.44] 5.7[4.5] 6.7[5.2]
cold side m3/h 4.54[3.34] 5.85[4.3] 6.8[5.1]
Power Type Triple phase
Sound power level dB(A) 49 49 49
(1) B0/W35=Brine water inlet temperature 00, heating flow 350
(2) W10/W35=Well water inlet temperature 100, heating flow 350
(3) Heating flow for 5K temperature span
(4) Heat source flow for 4K temperature span
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
GSWW 20 26 30
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Terms of Payment
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