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Launching of the Louis Modern Glass Bathtub, let the batheding people have more aesthetics enjoy. This kind of bathtub uses the streamline form structure from the overall design, and fully considered the human body the curve, causes the consumer more comfortable when they use them. Moreover tying in between the glass bathtub and water transparent also causes the people like to place themselves a boundless sea area, experience the bathtub exquisite and the vivid reappearance personalization art.
1. Apply most advanced structure patent technology, explosive proof, bulletproof, completely update safty.
2. Apply new materials, heat preservation and easy for cleaning.
3. Innovative application of product structure mechanics, reasonable design.
4. fashionable style and elegant color, remain leading.
5. Design according to human system engineering, show human-oriented R&D principle
Brand Name
Louis Modern
Supply Capacity
1,000 Units Per Month
Model Number