Sell glass bead for sandblasting

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the density 2.4-2.6
the refractive index 1.6
the roundness rate 85%
colorless transparent solid sphere


This product is suitable for high pressure sandblasting and preening process. Examples of usage are as follows.
1. To clean moulds in diecasting, metal forging, extrusion of glass, rubber and plastic.
2. To eliminate tensile stress increased fatigue residence in turbine blades, aircraft motor axle, parts of landing gear, hydraulic gear and all types of springs.
3. To debar flashing in electronic integrated circuit boards and frames and sealed plastic pipes.
4. To wipe off deposit in piston chambers.
5. To give a smooth and bright finish to surgical equipments and automotive parts.
6. To clean the winding, rotor brushes and other parts of a generator during over haul.
7. To debar flashing in precision casting of metal tubes and non-ferrous metal parts.
8. To peen all types of glass and parts of integrated components of textile machines.