Sell glass fiber felt

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Fiberglass mat -(Black) is processed and dyed by fiberglass flame-resistant mat , it has the sound -resistant and flame -resistant decoration effect. its environmental protection cementing agent had guaranteed the product has the characteristics of the intensity to be high, fixing the nature to be good, bearing the firction , the glass fiber reliable, it also can avoid each kind of the growth and reproduction of microorganism effectively, antibacterial, and mold proofing.

Specially, for the cover of lignin perforation sound board , to enhance the pronunciation clarity and strengthen the absorptive quality, zero reflection , moisture-proof, sound-insulated, and improve the sound quality.

It can be used in the mineral wool air hose linling , is exotic material of hear preservation heat insulation and the sound absorption noise reduction , Bears the friction the friction the fiberglass mat-(black) to bond on the mineral wool board, can absorb the air hose system noise , reduces the air hose wall's cold heat loss, both reduces the energy consumption, and improved the room acoustics environment quality greatly . Especially suits for high environment situation under the static sound , like star-hotel, office building , chamber and so on . It can reduce the noise which obviously the gusty area spreads, sound-resistant and flame-resistant as well as elegant and noble decoration effect.

The surface of solar energy plate collector uses the fiberglass mat(black) to have the sunlight absorpyion rate to be high, the non-shrinkage strain and volatilizes. Workability is fine, too.