Sell glass frosting powder (non-fingerprint effect )

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1. Acid Glass Frosting Powder
The frosting effect is fine and feels smooth just like jade . the glass frosting powder solution can be used repeatedly that is benefit environment. Especially when it is to make large-area (2m*3m) one-side frosting Glass, the ratio of qualified products is as high as to 99% or even higher .

2. Water Glass Frosting Powder
it can be diluted by water directly , no need of adding acid materials to adjust the PH , which is good for environment , the frosting effect is more hazy and soft than traditional craft . this material's character is so stable that avoid uneven and piebald phenomenon when frosting. Especially it is useful for making large-area frosting glass.

3. Non-fingerprint Glass Frosting Powder
This material is developed by our company is very simply to operate (seems to ordinary courses ) , frosted glass is very even in surface , no fingerprint , transparent and soft , the frosting effect is as same as this processed by machinery , can be widely used in architectural wall , office furniture , decorative glass etc .

4. Non-reflection Glass Frosting Powder
This kind of material is easy to dissolve and react quickly in the course of operation. It is able to reduce the reflectance on the glass surface so that no reflection of light , which ensure people see things clearly on glass surface . processed glass by using this material is suitable for TV screens , screen of meters , display cases and photo frames and so on .
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