Sell glass fuse tube(quick acting)5*20

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Detailed Product Description
1) Sizes: 5.210.2mm, 2010.5mm
2) Dimensions: 5 x 20mm
3) Rated voltage: 250V AC
4) Rated current: 0.1 ~ 30A
5) Materials:
a) Ferrule cap: brass cap, nickel plated
b) Body glass tube
c) Fuse element: copper-silver alloy

1) Fuse body: glass tube
2) 2 end caps: made of brass, good electrical conductivity
3) Coating of brass caps: the end cap surface nomally is plated with nickel, it
is also available with tin or silver plating, or as per customers' requirements
4) Strength of fuse assembly: the min. axial pulling force between brass caps and
glass tube is SN (0.5kgf)

Atmospheric conditions:
1) Temperature: 15 ~ 35oC
2) Relative humidity: 15 ~ 35oC
3) Air pressure: 8.6 x 10 ~ 1.06 x 10Pa

Time/current characteristics:
1) Fuse overload testing (time/current characteristic) shall be under normal
ambient temperature
2) Time/current characteristic shall be within the limits specified in the below
3) Current passes through the fuse, link shall be adjusted to within 11% of
the required value
4) Voltage of the source shall not exceed the rated voltage of fuse-link under test
5) The accuracy of measurement of time shall be within a tolerance of 15% for
time of less than 10s and 12% for time of 10s above

Time/current characteristic opening time showed as below:
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