Sell glassfiber cloth 7628 for printed circuit board

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This product is a kind of alkali-free glass fiber fabrics produced by utilizing abroad advanced technology and equipment. By means of a surface treatment it has excellent electro-insulation property and workability. It is used mainly in printed circuit boards, and is also used as base materials for computers and home electro-devices.
Appearance: White
Glass type: E-glass
Alkali-metal content: <0.8%
Flammable substance content: 0.075%~0.25%
Treated agent: Silane
Thread density x strand nuber: End 68 tex x 1
weft 68 tex x 1
Construction: End 17.3piece/cm +/- 1
weft 12.6piece/cm +/- 1
Tensile strength(N/(25*100) mm cloth piece:
End direction > 294
weft direction >250
Thickness: 0.190mm +/- 0.025
Width: 1270mm +/- 10
Mass: 204g/m2 +/- 8
Roll length: 1000m +/- 200
Weave: Plain

Note: The property above said is tested according to test method Q/PCGO15-1999. Equivalent to American designation 7628