Sell globe valve

globe valve

To separate valve body from touching the media, all the internal parts such as body, deck and clack are lined , for example, the seat are sealed with the integrate polymer , which can stand wide temperature and pressure range . The valve has wide temperature and pressure range. The valve has wide material selections, complete specifications and is the ideal valvesfor carrying petroleum petrochemical, chemicals, raw oil and natural gas , etc. The stem is of divided style and is connected by the locating clipper, tehus. It's convenient for adjusting and maintenance .
Nominal diameter: DN15~250mm, 1/2"~10"
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~4.0MPa, Class150~300Lb
Type of connection: Flange connection
Actuator: Hand actuator, Electric actuator , Pneumatic actuator
Applicable media: vitriol, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, gaseous chlori ne, strong alkali, aqua regia and so on medium with strong causticity
Available Colors