Sell glossy quick set offset printing ink

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Product Use
This product applies to printing high quality magazines, brand and decorative packaging on card paper and coated art paper using offset four-color or two-color press with running velocity of 6000-12000 print per hour. As a prime variety of glossy quick set offset ink, this type of ink has high gloss and applicability.
Product Characteristics
Low content of arom-hydrocarbon, innocuous, low odor, heavy metal element free
Excellent wearable quality, high curable velocity, excellent on-paper drying property, and low on-press drying velocity, excellent applicability for four-color printing with high velocity
With advanced anti-tack agents, smear-free
Vivid color, high color concentration, excellent overlapping quality, clear-cut halftone dot, high transparence
Excellent adaptability, emulsification-resistance, stability
Color Types
XCP-812 (quadri-color process) magenta XCP-811 glod red
XCP-824 medium yellow XCP-838 royal blue
XCP-825 (quadri-color process) transparent medium yellow XCP-813 scarlet
XCP-832 peafowl blue XCP-841 white
XCP-833 (quadri-color process) cyan XCP-815 deep red
XCP-835 cyan XCP-818 green
XCP-851 (quadri-color process) black XCP-516 peach red
XCP-836 deep blue

Test conditions
1. Viscosity: Viscometer 400rpm, 320C, 1minute
2. Fluidity: parallel plate viscometer, 0.1ml, 15min diameter
3. Setting: Japanese RH-1 printability apparatus, 157 gram coated paper
4. Fluidity scale: 12, 11
5. Drying time: humidity 65%, at 250C