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glove knitting machine
SINKER KNITTING SYSTEM: with this system, it offers products that are superior in stretch and strength as well as featuring excellent conformity to the shape of hands, which is vital for performing precision work.
CENTRAILIZED LUBRICATION: it enables automatic lubrication to all required parts, improving the durability and productivity and facilitating maintenance. oil is automatically supplied to all necessary compoonents by the simple touch of a lever once a day.
DURABLE NEEDLE BED:it is formed by inserting special high-precision plates. manufactured from special steel using state-of-the-art hardening technology. these plates provide extreme strength and durability for high-speed, high quality product manufacturing.
HIGH-PRECISION CARRIAGE:the carriage and cam systems are made of carefully selected steel and manufactured using a special compurter-controlled hardening process, which increases its durability and anti-resistance.

Model JS203
Gauge 7G 10G
Size in needles L:46
S:37 L:63
Output 360 pairs/day 270 pairs/day
Max. Weight 900 g/dozen 700 g/dozen
stand ratio 15-25 sets/person
Max. Speed long way: 120rpm short way: 260 rpm
Motor&Power Single phase, 220V 300W
Stop Motion Yarn break, delivery, motor overload, total piece count, power supply, etc
Controller Electronic programming and needle selection drum, etc
Size 1,230mm (L) * 680mm (W) *1,700 (H)
Weight 250kg
Container Capacity 32 sets/20' FT 72 sets/40' HQ