Sell glucose/dextrose mono/dextrose anhydrous

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we can offer glucose in the following grade

glucose mono oral grade and injection grade

glucose anhydrous oral grade and injectiong grae

all the above-mentioned product we can give good quality and reasonable price and timely shipment

1) Conforms to BP/USP standards
2) Identification: positive
3) Specific rotation: +52.60~+53.20
4) Color of solution: qualified
5) Acidity or alkalinity: 5g sample 0.02MNaOH <0.30ml
6) Water: <0.5%(W\W)
7) Arsenic: <1ppm
8) Chloride: <0.018%
9) Sulphate: <0.025%
10) Heavy metal: <5ppm
11) Dextrins: qualified
12) Residue on ignition: <0.1%
13) Soluble starch and sulphite: qualified