Sell glutaraldehyde 50% 25%

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Molecular Formula: C5H8O2
CAS: 111-30-8
Appearence: Take stimulating smell slightly, colorless or yellowish clear liquid.
Assay: 50%
packaging: 220kg/drum
Details: Disinfecting the disinfection, tanning, timber antiseptic, medicine and high molecular synthesizes raw material etc Also uses in to make the electron microscope and the produce to Axis pep pill, color television hardening agent. This uses for to shangengcai, alkali salt, sour salt. The glutaric dialdehyde is one kind fast-acting, it's a compose widely chemistry bactericidal agent. The low density glutaric dialdehyde watery solution then displays activeness under the normal temperature to many microorganisms.
Other Information
UN code: UN2922
HS no:29121900
We supply both industrial grade and pharmaceutic grade of glutaraldehyde.
Our latest product High-purity medical Glutaraldehyde has a methanol content of the low, non-discrimination to change, no poison plot, without the characteristics of eutrophication, are widely used in disinfection and sterilization, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
4000Tper year
Available Colors
Take stimulating smell slight