Sell gold leaf, copper leaf for framing materials

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Gilding is the adornment of a surface with gold or metal leaf. The tissue thin leaf is magical. It creates a warmth and luster that is unachievable with any other material. It transforms the ordinary into the remarkable. It adds distinction to what may otherwise be overlooked. From ancient times to the present, picture frames, furniture, signs,
architectural details, moldings, domes and precious objects have all been transformed by the application of leaf. This magnificent process creates an exciting . .
Using MEILONG Brand gold-leaf as its raw material, The company produces series of gold-leaf arts and crafts . gold-leaf (23.5K ,23K ,22K ,18K,12K) , silver-leaf(24K) , imitate gold-leaf at color 2.0 and color 2.5 series , imitate silver-leaf, copper-leaf , gold-leaf paintings , VIP Gold-leaf Cards, gilded glass , gilding mosaic tiles , We
also produce gold-leaf souvenirs or for decoration of palaces and hotels .
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