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Motor 36 volt DC high efficiency series wound
power 2.2 KW
Electrical system six, 6 volt heavy duty, deep cycle storage batteries , 226 amp-hour / 20H.
Charger High frequency and efficiency fully automatic, 20 amp DC output at 36 volts: input 220 volts,50 cycle ac.
controller CURTIS 1243
Accelerator Non-contact continuously variable speed system.
Suspension heavy duty multiple leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers.
Brakes self-adjusting, dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes
Chassis welded high yield strength I-shaped alnico.
Body molded fiberglass reinforced plastic or high strength and anti-impact complex plastic
Tires 18W8.508
Seat Fitting 2
Dimensions(LW WW H) 2700mmW1200mmW1850mm
Min . Gap From ground 114mm
wheel tread(Front /Rear) 870mm
Axle Distance 1650mm
Weight (without batteries) 226 KG
Speed 12.8~30.54Km /h
Turning clearance diameter 2.9m
Gradeability 30% / 20% (safe) , 46% / 30%(max)
Brake Performance <=3m
Travel Distance 80km~120km