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This product is designed for protection of the car and vehicles. It has not only a remote alarm system, but also could send the alarm trough the GSM network to user's phone. . More, it has the GSP function, the owner could track his car anywhere and anytime. Features as below:

1. Bands (900Mhz/1800MHz, 850Mhz/1900Mhz)
2. Remote control by cell phone
3. Listening in
4. Alarm report to your cell phone by short message
5. 4 user's phone numbers
6. LED indicator
7. Tracking by cell phone
8. Auto position report
9. Remote cut off engine
10. Power off alarming

11. Overspeed alarm

II) Function:
User's could operate the system with cell phone. You could set four numbers in the device: one is the center number. Other three are the owner number. All the alarm will report to the center number. Only the four numbers above could enter this system.
1. Requesting the vehicle status
Send a short message to the device, you will know everything about your car including: GPS signal, ACC, car door, Battery, GSM signal.
2. Remote control by cell phone;
User could set or use this system with the cell phone. You press several buttons and edit a short message, that's OK. It's easy to learn.
3. Listening in
User could use this function to hear what happen in his car.
4. Remote alarm report
All the alarm will report to the center phone number directly, including: door is open; the power is cut off; over speed alarm
5. Tracking by cell phone
The user could send the "where#" to the device, he will get the reply with the longitude and latitude.
6. Auto report the position
7. Remote cut off engine
8. Over speed alarm

III) Specification:
1. Main module
GSM: Huawei 900
2. Main unit
Size: 75mm*54mm*25mm
Color: Silver
Location error: < 15m
Current: 60mA/30mA 12V DC
Input Voltage: 9V~32V
Working Temperature: -20!f~75!f
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