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Product properties

It is suitable for automatic packaging of loose , non sticky , granular and thick powder products in the pharmacy the food the plant germ , the chemical products such as instant drink , pellet , monosodium glutamate white sugar , soup stuff , black coffee , wheat groats , etc.


This machine has been adopted a PLC programmer control and provided with a Chinese character displayer, thus , tis equipment is easy to operate and convenient in adjustment , with high automation

The advanced digital photo electricity bag-making system can make the length of bag be set directly ay the operation bench. when you are using the materials with color mark , the first bag can catch the color mark , which can obtain accurate and pattern , the synchronous bag pulling system can make bag pulling steady and accurate.

Light touching Chinese character displayer operation panel , digital inputting and displaying , sealing , insulating , high corrosion-resisting and easy operation
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