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LLC Planeta Plastic produces polymeric hoses, which correspond to the highest world standards.
The technology is in storage of grain in pressurized polymeric hoses. The polymeric hose has got three layers  two of them are white and then there is an extruded black one. The top layer of the hose is white, which is made for achievement of maximum sunlight reflection, and, thereby heat radiation. Availability of ultraviolet additives in film composition prevents exposure of this spectrum of rays to the stored goods.
The hoses are produced from composition of polyethylene by blowing method and have diameter from 1,65 m. till 3 m. , length  from 60 m. till 75 m.
Each bag can contain up to 200 or up to 250 tonnes of grain. The bags with grain can be stored outdoors simply in the fields up to 2 years. In general you can place up to 5000 tonnes of grain in one hectare without any capital investments into construction.
In 0,24 mm. thick polyethylene bags grain can be stored during long period. In pressurized bag environment level of carbon dioxide is quickly increasing and oxygen level in decreasing to minimum. In such conditions risk of fungus and grain pest development is narrowed down. By pressurized packing of quality normal humidity grain storage conditions are practically ideal: during the first two weeks insects, pests and fungus deactivate, as there are no conditions for population increasing. The most optimum humidity is from 10% to 14%.
By grain storage in anaerobic conditions bacteria activity is decreasing. So, anaerobic conditions let preserve grain quality. As bacteriologic, mycological, biological and toxicological tests showed, all grain parameters after long storage are in standard limits; it is not toxic and completely corresponds to the accepted standards.
Besides, agricultural producers move up to new technologies of fodder laying-in. The most leading and ensuring the best quality is considered laying-in of fodder in polymeric materials. Using of the polymeric hose due to instant green mass laying, high fodder compaction and optimum fermentation course decreases losses, increases quality of silo and haylage. Advantage of this technology is in absence of necessity of huge investments in stationary storages construction.
Advantages of grain storage technology in polymeric hoses:
Investment ones:
 economical system with low investments. All investments are buying of not expensive equipment and preparation of the floor for placing hoses with grain;
 there are no necessity in construction of stationary granaries;
Technological ones:
- allows avoid process of forced outage of harvesting, which often takes place because of absence of free space on the threshing floors, storage of dry grain or high humid grain;
- absence of necessity of grain transportation to the elevator;
- release of trucks and other agricultural equipment;
- storage of the sorted grain;
Financial ones:
- excluding of expenditures for storage in the elevator (15-35% of grain value) ;
- decreasing of transport expenditures;
- absence of depersonalization and decreased evaluation of grain quality by elevators (quality loss) ;
- getting grain of higher quality as a result (win in price) due to after-ripening in the hoses;
- possibility of granting of packed into the bags grain to banks or surveyor as security for getting loan.
It is necessary for grain packing:
- three-layer flexible polyethylene hoses;
- equipment for grain packing (bagger) ;
- tractor (MTZ-80 (82) category) ;
- grain loader or bunker- transfer equipment with tractor;
- equipment for uploading of grain from the hoses.
Technology peculiarities
Application of the technology supposes using of some technology of delivery, loading into the hoses and following unloading of grain from it. For these goals are used:
1. For delivery  storage bins  grain transfer equipment, which work in connection with tractors, which ensure delivery of grain from combines to the place of loading and unloading directly to the grain packing machine;
2. For loading of grain directly to the hose  special grain packing machines (baggers) , which work from the tractors capacity selection shaft and allow ensure dense tamping of grain into the hose;
3. For loading of grain into reception funnel of the bagger  screw unloading mechanism of the bunker  transfer equipment;
4. For unloading of grain from hoses there is a special screw unloading machine, which ensures hose cutting with simultaneous side unloading and placing of used film into roll.
Economical profit from storage in hoses
1. In comparison with profit, received from grain after storage in elevator, gross receipt is increasing:
 To more than 27% - if grain during storage does not improve their quality characteristics till 3rd grade quality level;
 To more than 50% - if grain during storage improve their quality characteristics till 3rd grade quality level;
2. Storage price in elevator exceeds storage value of 1 t. of grain in polymeric hoses (taking into account rent of equipment) .
This technology exists in the world not one dozen of years and nowadays it is actively developed in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.
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