Sell granite floating sphere fountain

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We are manufacturing Cylindrical Decorative utility, Alive Stone Article of Granite/Marble and other stones, For example like Fruit Bowl, Wash Basin, flower vases, pots, Garden Furniture, statue stand, Spherical Ball Fountain, Cone Fountain and Pillar Cladding. These are available in various Dimension and different color Combination.

We are manufacturing these cylindrical stone articles special in Granite high finish accuracy and mirror gloose polish.

. We want to inform you that 'Our Granite sphere are accurate near a
tolerance of 4 to 8 th hundreath of a milimeter, that reason our Granite
sphere rotate using very low water
pressure & sphere rotated all 360 degree

Recently we have manufactured worlds unique product 'Air Floating sphere
fountain''We have displayed our first 40cm dia Air floating Black Granite
sphere fountain in 'STONA 2004' Internaitional Granite & stone fair
Bangalore. In this Exhibition we got Special inovaition Award.

Air Floating sphere fountain:-40 cm dia Black Granite sphere weight100 Kg is
lifted and turns on air pressure.

. We have very vast range of water sculpture items rotating / oscillating /
spinning on the principal
of hydrostatic bearing. Our all water fountain are very unique cause of
tons of stone objects like floating sphere (10 cm to 200cm) , floating
ring/whell (60 cm to 200cm) , floating cone, dule motion sphere
fountain, Dancing & rotating doll, etc move on thin film of water with very
low water pressure. . We can roated any sculpture on thin film of water like
animals , idoles, rock, etc. .