Sell granite palisade

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granite palisade:
1) we can provide palisade in different color:grey(G603) , yellow(G682) , dark grey(G654) , black(G685) , red(G690)
2) finish:natural cleft, rough picked, fine picked
3) shape:round, square
4) size availale: 12x12x25cm, 12x12x50cm, 12x12x75cm, 12x12x100cm, 12x12x125cm, 12x12x150cm, 12x12x200cm, 12x12x300cm, 12x25x25cm, 12x25x50cm, 12x25x75cm, 12x25x100cm, 12x25x125cm, 12x25x150cm, 12x25x200cm, 12x25x300cm, 10x25x75cm, 10x25x100cm, 10x25x125cm, 10x25x150cm, 10x25x200cm, 10x25x300cm,

It can be used as outdoor fence or cut it short to make it as wallstone. It is hand-made products with the most natural suface.