Sell granule packing machine

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The process of measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, printing and cutting can be done automatically.

The packaging machine can pack many kinds of material such as grain, powder, liquid and tablet, etc.

Packaging Material:

Various Laminate Film, for example: Polypropylene / Polythene, Polyester/Aluminium foil/Polythene, Polyester/Aluminium-plating/Polythene, Nylon/ Polythene, Polyester/Polythene, etc.

Technical Features:

1. Adopts CPU to control each function states, and setup the man-machine conversation interface.

2. The Double channel temperature of the horizontal and vertical is controlled by intelligent temperature controlling device.

3. Intelligent photo cell orientation, transform discretionarily between the light/shade. Strongly anti-jamming, when two bags cant catch up with the upper mark the machine will stop and give an alarm.

4. The packaging speed can be adjusted continuously within specified range. Orientation open mouth and stop.

5. The bag-making has high precision. Easily Operation and maintain.

6. Measurement adopts adjustable cup method, which is accorded with the national measurement standard.

Grain kind: The thin grain material such as leechdom of dosage or pill kind, sugar, coffee, fruit grain, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, desiccant, seed, etc.

Technical Parameter:
Pouch length: 50~120 mm;
Pouch width: 60~85 mm;
Packaging speed:55~80 Bag/min (Depend on the material and specifications)
Filling Capacity: 10~50 ml;

Seal Style: 3-side;
Measuring Method: Cup;
Consumption power: Approx. 0.86 Kw / AC380V;
Dimension: 730 mm (L) X 630 mm (W) X 1580 mm (H) ;
Weight: Approx. 180 Kg

Optional devices:
1. The above machine may be changed into 4-side-sealing and equiped with hot stamp imprinting machine.

2. It is choice to be shaking matter-delivering mechanism, stirring mechanism, hackle cutters, point line cutters, easy-tearing cutters and exhaust.

3. It is choice to be both heat-sealing mechanism and net or even heat-sealing channel veins.

4. The machine that has special bag-size or measuring requirement can be devised and produced specially.