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Variety: Size 0.3-1.6W1000W1000-70000mm carbon content 99%.
Property: It possesses characteristics of very excellent electricity conduction, high and low Temperature-resilience for compression and lubrication.
All kinds of sealing materials.
Engine head gasket.
High heat in isolation shield .
Heat generator.
Electric-magnetic shield materials.

Normal specifications as follows
Brand No. Size (ThicknessWWithWLength) Property and usage
PL-30 0.3W1000W70000 Use to graphite packing rings
graphite gasket etc.
PL-40 0.4W1000W50000
PL-50 0.5W1000W50000
Pl-60 0.6W1000W40000
PL-70 0.7W1000W40000
PL-80 0.8W1000W40000
PL100 1.0W1000W1000
PL-120 1.2W1000W1000
Pl-140 1.4W1000W1000
PL-160 1.6W1000W1000

Low Sulphur sheet (paper)
Brand No. Size (ThicknessWWithWLength) mm Property and usage
PL-30S 0.3W1000W70000 Sulphur content<=800ppm
Ash content<=1%
PL-40S 0.4W1000W50000
Pl-50S 0.5W1000W5000

Graphite Sheet (Paper)
Items Unit Speciality value Remarks
Temperature scope 0 200-3300
in non-oxidizing atmosphere
Oxidation temperature 0 450 Atmosphere for 24 hours lgnition loss 1%
Tensile strength MPa >=4.0 191 On
Compressibility % 35-50 191 On
Recovery % 12 191 ON
Heat exchange KCal/m. hr 120
Resistance u(Ohms) . cm0 900
Heat expansion factor 10-6/0 5
10-4/0 2
Lgnition loss % 4500 <=1
6000 <=20
Brand Name
sea wheal
Supply Capacity
2000ton per month
ISO 9000
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
35mesh to 325 mesh
Minimum Order Quantity
10 TON
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T
Terms of Sale
FOB Qingdao