Sell gravure cylinder grinding wheel

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1. YCM Grinding Wheel can be used to polish
2. There is no formaldehyde etc harmful odor
during sticking and grinding process
3. Without crack produced by scrape and grind
4. There is no powder jam of abrasive
during polishing operation process
5. Less loss, economy
6. Grinding with high speed
1. Rubber seal loop for electroplating and chemical industry with high temperature-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali proof
2. 105m Filter Grain and Filter Element of terylene for electroplating and chemical industry.
3. Special polishing fabric disc for plate-making polishing machine
The application method of Grinding Whee:
1. Adhibiting YCM Grinding Wheel on the subpanel of polishing machine using heated adhesives
2. Fixing the Grinding Wheel clip on polishing machine. The rotate speed of grinding wheel usually is 300-900turn/min
3. The rotate speed of cylinder
200-300turn/min HV180-240
90-120turn/min HV80-120
4. The period speed of Grinding Wheel Head along with cylinder major axis is 600-1000mm/min
5. The Pressure Range of Grinding Wheel is 10-20kg
6. Grinding liquid often use tap water. If using recycle water, filter net must be installed.